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Rates & Services

We have a variety of financing options to meet your needs.

In this section you can:

  • Discover the advantages of our various Loan Options
  • Let our Loan Consultant help you choose the loan that is right for you
  • Use Rate Tracker to notify you when a particular rate is available
  • Learn more about options to Lock your loan rate while your loan is in process


  • Check Rates

    Our Loan Consultant helps you determine the mortgage loan and the rates that best match your needs.

    We take the guesswork out of choosing with a few simple questions. Ready to get started?
  • Rate Lock

    Since the mortgage interest rates are constantly changing, we offer the option of "locking-in" a current rate to protect you against an increase during the loan process.
  • Loan Options

    We make choosing a mortgage and an interest rate easy, simple and fast. Use our Loan Options resources to help you develop a 3-D picture.
  • Calculators

    Fixed rate loan or variable? For how many years should we finance? Our wide range of calculators can help you answer these and many other questions before you start your application.

Mortgage Rates

The Loan Consultant feature determines the products and rates that match your needs.

Ready to Start?

To apply for your easy online loan, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions about yourself, your property and your income, debts and assets.